The Ancestors Today (Los Ancestros Hoy)
The Ancestors 2002.
From left to right:  Edward Tanner, Allen Tindol, Tom Patterson.
Photograph by Malcolm Fordham.

The Ancestors 2002 - Uno The Ancestors 2002 - Dos The Ancestors 2002 - Tres The Ancestors 2002 - Cuatro

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The Ancestors

The Ancestors' Dublin

The Ancestors' Dublin.
A collage by Tom Patterson.

The Ancestors' Official Web Site
was created by

Edward Tanner (narrative),
Tom Patterson (poster design, artistic inspiration), and
Allen Tindol (web site construction)

for the benefit and edification of all mankind.

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Dr. Tanner and the boys -- circa 1976

The Ancestors' Official Web Site
is dedicated to
Dr. Edward Tanner
1924 - 1993
(accompanied here by Allen, Blair, and Edward, circa 1976)

for being tolerant of his children and their friends
and for letting us use his basement to practice

Many thanks to
Dan Angott and Keith Buckley
My First Band
for the initial motivation for this web site.

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