The Cruis-O-Matic MVSEVM

Cruis-O-Matic Under Glass
Click here God Rolled Snake Eyes to download and play "God Rolled Snake Eyes," by Cruis-O-Matic, with words and music, lead vocal, lead and rhythm guitars by Edward Tanner; Howie Ferguson on drums and background vocals; and Blair Tanner on bass guitar.

Heart Throb
Click here Heart Throb to download and play "Heart Throb," by Chip Taylor and The Idolators, with lead vocal by Darryl Rhoades (also on drums), guitars by Bob Cunningham and Edward Tanner, organ by Blair Tanner, bass guitar by Jason "Opie" Keene, and ending narration by Austin Idol himself -- the Universal Heart Throb, Master of the Las Vegas Leg Lock, the Women's Pet and the Men's Regret, the "Caesar" of professional wrestling.

Agora Advertisement, 1978 Performance Schedule -- and Sammy Fucius Wisdom
45 Cherry Street Poster
The Ice Man
The Ice Man's Back (Cover)

Fans of Cruis-O-Matic Harvest Time for Monger
Blair Tanner (aka Jesse Presley) on guitar
Jesse Presley, Mister Vegas
Mr. Vegas ponders the nature of reality ...and continues to jam in Y2K+1
The Brothers Tanner -- Blair's 50th B'Day, August 2002
Cruis-O-Matic '02
Puppet Show.....and Cruis-O-Matic
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The Hardest Working Band in Show Business
The Last Waltz

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